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Why I deserve to win.

There are several reasons why I deserve to win this scholarship. Some of those reasons include that I will work harder than any other participant. As a child I was always called stupid by my father because I always did poorly in school. Now as an adult I found out I have a learning disability, I was stunned. I then went back to college in order to get a good job. I worked extremely hard and now I have a 3.75 GPA and I am very proud of that.

First of all, I am currently in the medical field. Six years ago I became a Certified Nursing Assistant and through the grace of god, landed a job at Parrish Medical Center. I have been there since and I plan on staying there until I retire. I love what I do but i just think it is time to move on. I currently work on a surgical floor. I motivate patients to have a good attitude and let them know that each day will get better for them. I also was always fascinated about their surgery and how they knew something was wrong and what their symptoms were. I definitely have the drive and determination if given the chance to better myself. This scholarship would help pay for the first semester.

Second, with a lot of research I decided that I wanted to be a surgical technician .I find the medical field fascinating and to get inside another living human being excites me. Learning the different procedures, how all of the interesting machines work, and working with the people is a true blessing from god. Just knowing I could be a bigger help to people is an honor. For example, when a patient comes in with a malignant tumor, helping remove the growth and praying for the patient as I go, just knowing that I could help remove the diseased growth would be a true honor to me.

Overall, if you would please give me the chance I think I would be more qualified in the operating room. So if you could just consider me for this scholarship and help me achieve my goal who knows one day I might even go further in my education and become a doctor.Without your scholarship I really don’t know where I will come up with all the money. Please make my dreams become a reality.

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